For relocating families, finding a school with the programs and services that fit the needs of the children is often a deciding factor in choosing a new neighbourhood. Be sure to educate yourself.

Private Schools
Regina Private Schools

-Sarah Bruno

Regina Private Schools

Queen City College, a private, accredited, independent, international high school offers grades 9 – 12 with English as a Second Language an integral part of the curriculum.

The College also offers advanced placement university credit, pre-university preparation, and International Baccalaureate class offerings. For out-of-towners, dormitory accommodation and meals are available.

Two Montessori Children’s Schools reside in Regina, along with several private alternate-language, computer training and business schools.

Public Schools & Boards
Easy Access to Education

-Sarah Bruno

In Regina you will discover easy access to high-quality education from kindergarten onwards.

In Regina you will discover easy access to high-quality education from kindergarten onwards. The curriculum for grades 1 - 12 includes core French. Selected schools offer French immersion programs at the primary and secondary level, where the principal language of instruction is French.


 For students in kindergarten to grade one, free bussing is provided to those residing .6 km or more from their school.  Elementary students who reside 1.2 km or more from their school also receive free bussing. Although Canadians and landed immigrants receive free education from K-12, each school establishes a modest fee to offset costs for special programs and publications.

Of greatest interest to new residents are the publicly funded schools. Two school boards offer English instruction at the primary and secondary levels: The Regina Board of Education (RBE) and the Regina Separate School Board (RSSB).

The RBE administers 49 elementary schools, of which six offer French immersion programs. Two of the 10 high schools under the RBE provide French immersion.

The RSSB offers French immersion in three of its 25 elementary schools. Five high schools operate under the RSSB, none of which are designated French immersion.

The Division scolaire francophone #310 represents the third board of education that operates in Regina. L’ecole Monseigneur de Laval, operating under this board’s jurisdiction, offers instruction in French as a first language from K-12 with English instruction introduced in grade 4.

L’ecole Monseigneur also operates a French language day care and pre-school.