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Finding Health Care in Canada can be a daunting task. Read on for suggestions and tips in getting the best health care available. 

Saskatoon Health Region

-Sarah Bruno

Saskatoon Health Region is a relatively new organization responsible for the delivery of health services in the city and surrounding areas.

Saskatoon Health Region is one of the most complex and integrated health delivery agencies in Canada. The Region takes responsibility for providing services ranging from hospital and long-term care to home care, public health and other community-based programs. The largest health region in Saskatchewan serves more than 300,000 residents in more than 100 cities, towns and rural municipalities.
10,800 staff members and 700 physicians work in the Region. A 12-member Regional Health Authority, appointed by the Minister of Health, governs the Region. The annual operating budget is $500 million; about $1.4 million is spent each day to meet the health needs of the community.
The Region consistently ranks as one of the top health regions in the country, in ratings published by Maclean’s Magazine, and the National Post.  Last year, Saskatoon ranked 3rd in Canada in communities with a medical college.

The City of Saskatoon is the site of three of the Region’s ten hospitals. The hospitals include Royal University Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital and Saskatoon City Hospital. The city also contains thirteen of the Region’s long-term care facilities and four of the thirteen public health centres. The Region also provides numerous primary health care and community-based locations for such services as mental health, addiction counselling and wellness clinics. All three Saskatoon hospitals provide emergency medical assistance, as well as air and road ambulance service, the First Responder program and Emergency Preparedness.

Home Care, a community-based member of Saskatoon Health Region, is committed to participating in the continuation of care with clients in their homes. Services are supportive, rehabilitative and palliative, promoting independence, maintaining dignity and enhancing quality of life. The main home-care office is located in Saskatoon, with other offices in Lanigan, Rosthern, Wakaw, Wynyard, Humboldt, Nokomis, Strasbourg and Watrous.

The Saskatoon Health Region also acts as a provincial referral centre providing specialized services to residents from across Saskatchewan.

A list of physicians accepting patients is available on the Saskatoon Health Region web site at : octors_ap.htm.