Saskatoon Catholic School Division

Saskatoon Catholic School Division

Monday, June 07, 2010

Sarah Bruno

More than 15,000 students belong to the system, in five high schools, 34 elementary schools and two associate schools.

The core curriculum in the elementary school system includes language arts, mathematics, arts education, science, social studies, health/physical education and religious education. All schools provide computer education, and most schools provide band instruction.
Catholic schools provide specialized services for children with exceptional needs and an Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) program to students identified with specific abilities and talents.
Sion Middle School, an alternate school, serves approximately 125 students from grades 6 to 9. The program offers basic academic, vocational, personal development and life skills instruction.

Bishop James Mahoney, E. D. Feehan, St. Joseph and Holy Cross high schools offer a comprehensive program for grades 9 to 12 students. This includes arts education, business education, career/work education, Christian ethics, computer education, English language arts, fine arts, home economics, industrial arts, languages, mathematics, physical education, sciences and social studies.

Advanced Placement (AP) English is an option at Bishop James Mahoney, Holy Cross and St. Joseph high schools. Through this program students may obtain a university credit while still in high school.

Joe Duquette High School provides developmental and academic programs for aboriginal students in grades 8 to 12. Bishop Murray High School provides alternative programming and a wide range of support services for at-risk students. The rural Farm School, urban Opening Doors program and White Buffalo Youth Lodge provide special programs for at-risk students. Specialized services are available for students with exceptional needs.

French immersion programs give students the opportunity to learn in a second language at Cardinal Leger, St. Gerard, St. Matthew, St. Paul and Sister O’Brien elementary schools.
Intensive core French at St. Augustine School offers students the opportunity to study French beginning in grade 6. The enriched core program enables students to receive three to four times the hours normally devoted to French.

The Saskatoon French School offers a Type A language program with students in kindergarten and grade 1 receiving 100 percent instruction in French and 80 percent instruction in French to students in grades 2 to 8. St. Luke and St. Dominic elementary schools offer core French beginning in grade 1. French immersion programs at St. Joseph, Bishop James Mahoney, Holy Cross and E. D. Feehan high schools enable students to graduate with a French bilingual certificate.

Other languages offered at specific schools in the division are Ukrainian, Cree and Spanish.
Saskatoon Catholic Schools operates on funds received from provincial government grants and local taxation. There are no tuition fees for students residing in Saskatoon. An open-boundary policy allows parents to enroll children in the school of their choice if program needs or special services are more suitable in another location.

Parents who are not of the Catholic faith may register their children in a Catholic school, with the understanding that their children will take part in the religious education program.

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