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School Daze

Monday, June 07, 2010


For relocating families, finding a school with the programs and services that fit the needs of the children is often a deciding factor in choosing a new neighbourhood. Be sure to educate yourself on Toronto’s schools before you make the move. When Maeve Doyle Catomeris’ husband Paul, a clinical biochemist working in Windsor, Ontario, was headhunted by MDS Diagnostics in Toronto, they had three weeks to move. At the time, eldest child Conor had just turned five and was ready for Junior Kindergarten. But because the move happened so fast, choosing the right school before finding a new home wasn’t possible

“It was very stressful to make the life-altering decision of where to put Conor in school. Children spend so much time at school and their development is impacted so much by the people they’re around. Conor had been in a great daycare program at the University of Windsor, where I worked, so I hadn’t yet gone through the JK experience and didn’t even know what schools were in the neighbourhood we moved to. I just had no idea where to start.” Fortunately, Doyle Catomeris and her family moved to Toronto in mid-summer, giving her time to find a school in her neighbourhood. However, when they moved to Mississauga two years later, she “looked into schools more intelligently,”

First choosing the one her children would attend, then finding a home in that school’s district. School plays a huge role in a child’s life, but it’s not all about academia; services like day care, lunch programs and extracurricular activities are important parts of a family’s childcare plan. Before you commit to a new neighbourhood and load up the moving truck, it pays to learn more about your family’s educational options in Toronto.

Public or private, it’s a good idea to get involved in your child’s new school. Set up an interview and take a tour with the principal. Ask about average test scores, attendance rates, special programs, teacher-student ratios, extracurricular activities, bus services and carpooling. Inquire about copies of the student handbook, school policy and report card to familiarize yourself with school rules and how children are evaluated

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